Emergence DAO: Gamify Trading to Save Bees

It’s time for Emergence. A new DAO (which uses the Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence technology) launches to learn from natural systems such as a beehive and apply this knowledge to crypto trading. In its gamified experience, you can become a ‘bee’ to forage profit or join as a ‘beekeeper’ and

BTC to the Moon? Predict and Earn!

In May 2020, Cindicator created a strategy based on decentralized analysts that were consistently more accurate than the general public – SuperForecasters. This time, we are launching a new contest at our Collective Intelligence platform – SuperForecasters Leagues!

Hybrid Intelligence Development Vision 2022-2023

The Cindicator team remains interested in exploring and developing technologies and products based on Hybrid Intelligence that encompasses crowd wisdom, collective intelligence, and super forecasting. In 2022, we will allocate some of our resources to combine Hybrid Intelligence, DeFi, and DAO ideas into one decentralized ecosystem. Our goal is to

Best DAO Ideas. Part 1

Dear Cindicator Community, We are excited to announce the introduction of additional rewards for the best ideas regarding CND DAO. Our team chose the most valuable concepts. Check out the top 3 winners below.

CND connects with Stoic. Finally.

Dear community, CND is expanding its utility, transforming into the DAO token in the coming months. In this announcement, we will dive into the discount scheme tailored to CND holders. A quick reminder: all Stoic users are eligible for massive CND discounts. First, the terms: * Every new or old customer

CND DAO & tokenomics evolution. CND becomes deflationary

Dear community, Following your feedback we are improving our communications. From now on we will release updates more often and share our plans. We have spent several weeks preparing a very detailed update that was due to be published at the end of March. The update is so big and