Best DAO Ideas. Part 1

Best DAO Ideas. Part 1

Dear Cindicator Community,

We are excited to announce the introduction of additional rewards for the best ideas regarding CND DAO.

So far, we've received around 40 offers detailing the structure and government rules for the future organization.

Our team chose the most valuable concepts. Check out the top 3 winners below.

"Implement opportunity to lock your CND for certain amount of time. Wallets with locked CND tokens will have a bit higher voting power in the DAO. e.g. wallets with:

CND locked for 1 year has voting power +10%
CND locked for 2 years has voting power +15%
CND locked for 4 years has voting power +20% something like this"

"The key product of CND is Stoic since they have the biggest potential to reach the mass customer. The structure of CND DAO should be built in which it benefits the development of the team, Stoic users (and other CND products) then lastly CND investors. How's about we build CND DAO in which the community will take charge of finished products by the CND team, then further develops it, for ex: Cindicator Edge. Both CND team and community understand that the Edge still has potential; however, because it does not bring in much profit or simply there's not enough of human resource from the team, so they can't grow further. My idea is that CND team will focus on making CND products (current and future) and whenever they think a product is finished on their side, CND will delegate the product to CND DAO for further growth, if possible. Stoic token is cancelled, mainly due to not enough support from the community and because the product itself is too young and people are skeptical to support it. However, if the product is already mature (such as EDGE) then there should be more support for it, I suggest the DAO should propose it to the community the EDGE token in which will further develop the EDGE platform. CND token can be the main token and EDGE will be subsidiary token. If in the future, Stoic is proven to be a successful long term investment vehicle, the DAO can again propose Stoic token to the community. CND team will just need to focus on making great products."

"Hopefully quadratic voting w weight by holdings. Would be nice to have community suggestions - holder voting rights. Features should include snapshot voting, good proposal and discussion mechanisms and overall links to holder discussion communities. The output of CND is hard to parse, we need all minds on deck to interpret signals. Personally I would recommend breaking down the tier system and just setting a minimum for indicators, so everyone in the ecosystem can discuss with a simple wallet verification."

Each of the authors will receive free annual access to Stoic AI. To activate the reward and find out the details, please contact our support team via

In addition to the rewards from the team, after the closing of the application period, the most valuable ideas will have the chance to receive a grant from the DAO, and the most active contributors will have key roles in the DAO’s structure.

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