Cindicator brings ‘Hybrid Intelligence’ data to Bloomberg App Portal users

Cindicator brings ‘Hybrid Intelligence’ data to Bloomberg App Portal users

March 2, 2021 – New York – Cindicator, a provider of market sentiments and scores, launched its CND application in the Bloomberg App Portal on the Bloomberg Terminal at {APPS CND <GO>}. Traders and investors can now access earnings indicators produced by Hybrid Intelligence of Cindicator’s 163,000+ users and AI to help generate alpha.

The addition of CND to the Bloomberg App Portal, enables Cindicator to deliver Hybrid Intelligence scores to Bloomberg’s community of over 300,000 users among institutional investors. These new indicators provide Bloomberg Terminal subscribers with valuable quantified sentiments around company earnings in addition to traditional Wall Street consensus compiled.

At a time when the role of retail investors in the markets is on the rise, measures of popular sentiment and optimism around corporate earnings can provide a source of alpha. Cindicator’s AI engine processes data generated by thousands of its users. Since 2016, the resulting CND EPS indicators correctly signalled consensus outperformance in 70% of cases.

Mike Brusov, Cindicator co-founder & CEO, says:

“Millions of new retail traders and trillions of dollars in additional money supply threw fundamentals and technicals out of the window. The prevailing sentiment is now crucial for equities analysis. CND quantifies the sentiment around each earnings report in three numbers, making them easy to use in both discretionary and algo trading. We’re excited to share our products with Bloomberg users and look forward to innovating together.”

Currently, CND provides three types of indicators for major listed US companies, including Tesla, NVIDIA, Apple, and more. Cindicator’s ‘EPS Indicator’ shows whether or not Wall Street consensus will be beaten. ‘Optimism Indicator’ expresses expectations of traders’ reactions on the first trading day after the report is published. ‘Guidance Indicator’ shows if the report’s guidance will be positive or negative.

Applications contributed to the Bloomberg App Portal are evaluated and selected using a variety of parameters, chief among them the ability for the application to add value to Bloomberg’s existing feature set and information resources. App Portal gives Bloomberg Terminal users access to dozens of third-party and broker software tools for news and social sentiment analysis, technical charting analysis, data visualization and more.  

About Cindicator

Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds analytical and trading products for traditional and crypto markets. Cindicator’s ‘Hybrid Intelligence’ combines data from 163,000+ users on its collective intelligence platform and applies AI to enhance the resulting predictive indicators. In 2020, Cindicator joined 500 Startups Singapore programme to expand in Southeast Asia.