Cindicator launches Edge, a new product for CND token holders, announces a partnership with Kyber

Cindicator launches Edge, a new product for CND token holders, announces a partnership with Kyber

Today we officially launch Cindicator Edge, a new web app for distributing Hybrid Intelligence indicators to holders of CND, the Cindicator ecosystem tokens. With Edge, we can add new features for users of analytical products and integrate CND into other tokenised ecosystems — and the partnership with Kyber is the first step.

Cindicator Edge is a web application for receiving and tracking Hybrid Intelligence indicators for 150+ digital assets. Anyone can sign up for a demo account and check what indicators look like. Connecting any Ethereum wallet will unlock up to 12 indicators a week (Beginner tier).

Hybrid Intelligence indicators help to make trading decisions by estimating probabilities of various events across 100+ crypto assets, stocks, and futures. At least 60% of indicators are correct under any market conditions.

To receive more indicators in real-time, users can add their Ethereum wallet address that holds a number of CND tokens corresponding to their desired access level. Access tiers will remain the same as for Cindicator Bot (Explorer, Trader, Expert).

Partnership with Kyber, an on-chain liquidity protocol and payment service for the instant conversion of digital assets, is the first example of integrating other decentralised products into the CND ecosystem. Thanks to Kyber, users can acquire CND tokens directly in the Edge app without going to an exchange and then transferring tokens to an external wallet. Kyber's protocol enables seamless, instant, and trustless token swaps by aggregating liquidity from a wide range of sources.

Vlad Kazakov, Product Owner of Cindicator Edge, said:

“We believe Edge will make Hybrid Intelligence indicators more convenient and efficient. We’ve already tested it with 400 users and received some great feedback. Now we’re rolling it out for everybody to test out the indicators and try trading based on them — which is easier than ever to do with new in-app charts. We look forward to hearing what you think about this new product!”

Earlier in August, the CND token was listed on Kyber Network, making Cindicator’s products even more accessible to token holders from across the world.