Cindicator Strategy Challenge: create a trading strategy and win $11,400 worth of prizes!

Cindicator Strategy Challenge: create a trading strategy and win $11,400 worth of prizes!

Over the past few months, Cindicator launched two new analytical products that already made money for subscribers: Macro Sentiment Indicators for the stock market and SuperForecasters’ signals for Bitcoin.

Today, we’re launching an open challenge: create a strategy that uses Macro Sentiments and/or SuperForecasters’ and win a free year-long subscription to all Cindicator’s analytical products. That’s worth at least $9,400!

And the winner will get priority access to all future products, well before they are publicly released.

Anyone can join — simply fill out a brief form and gain access to historical data.

What are Cindicator’s products?

Macro Sentiment Indicators are six weekly indicators that measure sentiments around economic, employment, political, and business environment, current and future. Changes in the sentiment help to predict the stock market moves. By buying options based on these indicators one of the early subscribers turned $1,500 account into $6,050 in just a few weeks. Some made more than $10,000 in one month.

SuperForecasters Alpha are ready-to-use signals from SuperForecasters, the top-10 analysts from over 140,000 of Cindicator’s users. Every Sunday, top analysts forecast support and resistance levels for BTC/USDT for the week ahead. Signals based on these forecasts made profits of up to 76.7% in BTC in 17 months.

Both products are available via a monthly subscription for $99 a month and include access to private chats with traders who help each other to interpret the indicators.

What are the prizes?

The main prizes are:

First place: annual subscriptions to Macro Sentiments and SuperForecasters, Expert-level access to Hybrid Intelligence indicators for one year, and priority access to all future products (worth at least $9,400).

Second place: 6-months subscription to both Macro Sentiments and SuperForecasters ($1,200 value).

Third place: 3-months subscription to either Macro Sentiments or SuperForecasters ($300 value).

Highly commended: up to 5 entrants will get a free month-long subscription to either product.

Even more importantly, dozens of traders will examine your strategy, improve on it and test it with real capital. It’s not just a theory — subscribers are looking to make money and you’ll have a great case that you can use in future.

What are the dates?

The challenge will run from 22 July until 22 August — that’s the period when you can submit your strategy.

How to win?

Create the best trading strategy that uses Macro Sentiments and/or SuperForecasters signals!

The winners will be determined by the jury that will include the Cindicator team and current subscribers.

The jury will examine each strategy, looking at:

  • The P&L of the back-test and the forward test (as long as possible, ideally a month);
  • The risk/reward of the strategy;
  • The ease of execution;
  • The quality and clarity of documentation.

What exactly do I need to do?

Your task is to look at the previous data for Macro Sentiments and SuperForecasters and create a trading strategy that could be used by discretionary (manual) traders by following clear rules.

Your strategy could be for any tradable instrument.

The strategy will be used by discretionary traders (i.e. humans) so the rules could be flexible, but it’s important that they are easy to understand and execute.

The submission should include:

  1. A document describing the strategy and its rules and results;
  2. Backtest results in form of a Excel/Google spreadsheet, a script, or a chart or anything else that would show that the strategy has high potential.

You will make a submission via separate form that will be emailed to everybody who has registered.

What is the data?

Once you’ve registered you’ll get the full data for indicators in the form of a spreadsheet and a csv.

Here is what you’ll get.

For SuperForecasters

Weekly signals for 10 current and past superforecasters since January 2020 include:

  • A forecast of the minimum for BTC/USD price for the week,
  • A forecast of the maximum for BTC/USD price for the week.

For Macro Sentiment Indicators

6 weekly indicators since November 2019, including:

  • Current levels of economic conditions;
  • Current level of unemployment;
  • Future level of unemployment;
  • Future attractiveness of the business environment;
  • Current political stability;
  • Future political stability.

If you need any additional data, please send us a message to and we’ll do our best to help you.

What’s next?

To get you inspired, here are some other strategies developed based on Cindicator’s analytical products:

As the first step, register by filling out this form and get access to data.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the main Cindicator chat and the team will be happy to help.

Here is to your trading success!