Cindicator’s CND token is listed on Kyber

Cindicator’s CND token is listed on Kyber

CND, Cindicator’s ecosystem token, is now listed on Kyber Network, an on-chain liquidity protocol and payment service for the instant conversion of digital assets. This makes Cindicator’s products even more accessible to token holders from across the world.

The CND utility token is the key element of Cindicator’s internal economy. To access Cindicator’s analytical products, traders hold a certain number of CND tokens. And every month, Cindicator distributes CND rewards to successful analysts who contribute their insights and knowledge by answering questions on the Collective Intelligence platform. Now the Cindicator ecosystem can be easily integrated with other tokenised economies.

Mike Brusov, CEO and Co-founder of Cindicator:

“It is an important step for us, we are developing our analytical ecosystem and we are keen to provide better usage for our token holders and analysts. CND is a value equivalent of the intellectual efforts of a particular forecaster, so people can easily exchange their valuable efforts for any digital assets. Being part of the growing connected network of decentralised projects is crucial for the sustainable development of the project. Also, the listing of CND on Kyber is an important sign that our users from the US will be able to interact with our products in an even more convenient way.”  

Kyber's protocol enables seamless, instant, and trustless token swaps. Kyber aggregates liquidity from a wide range of sources, including individuals, DApps, payment gateways, and decentralised funds. Over the past seven months, Kyber volumes have consistently increased, reaching a high of $59 million in July alone. It is now also the world’s second most popular decentralised exchange platform by number of transactions.

In addition to providing a decentralised exchange, Kyber enables new use cases through its inter-token swaps. For example, e-commerce platforms can accept a wide range of tokens, instantly converting into their preferred asset. Decentralised financial apps and products can integrate Kyber for seamless rebalancing and other operations. We are actively exploring these additional use cases to consider deeper integrations between Cindicator and Kyber.