Cindicator’s new logo and website

Cindicator’s new logo and website

Today, we’ve launched Cindicator’s new visual identity. This includes a new logo and a new website, soon we will also update the UI for our apps.

What meaning did we want to embed in the new logo? We wanted to connect it to our ideas about the evolving unity of intelligence, new life, the universe, new dimensions, the new quality of value and of course the effective management of resources.

Yuri Lobyntsev, Cindicator co-founder and CTO, said:

“The circle could be perceived as the ideal goal. The dot then represents an entry to a new dimension, which opens up once the limit is transcended. The circle with a dot is also a reference to the limits of the golden ratio dynamic, in which the infinite Spiral of Life is perpetually seeking internal and external goals, in depth to reach the singularity of the centre and in height to explore the infinite possibilities of open space.
Here we’re just scratching the surface of the rich symbolism embodied in this seemingly simple geometry. The circle represents the Mind in Buddhism, the higher power in Dao, the eternity in Freemasonry, the sun in astronomy, and many other important ideas in different philosophies. Most importantly, the new logo personifies global balance, the mind, the full cycle, the unity of the ecosystem, effectiveness, constantly evolving excellence, and limitless possibilities.”

In our original post on Medium, you can read more about our rationale and the embedded philosophy.