CND listed on Allbit, South Korea’s decentralised exchange

CND listed on Allbit, South Korea’s decentralised exchange

Today the CND token was listed on Allbit, a fully decentralised subsidiary exchange of Upbit, one of South Korea’s largest crypto exchanges.

This makes Cindicator products even more accessible to participants from South Korea.

Providing access to CND tokens is an important element of the Cindicator ecosystem’s economy. Cindicator’s analytical products are available exclusively through CND — once again we would like to reiterate that this is a utility token, not a speculative investment. Interested funds, traders, and analysts from South Korea and beyond can now securely acquire the required number of CND tokens to access products in the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem.

Allbit DEX is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and trade with their wallets, leveraging side-chain, smart contracts, and decentralised heterogeneous chain communication technologies. This reduces risk factors such as server downtime, fraud and hacking attacks that make most centralised exchanges vulnerable.

Listing on Allbit also provides an opportunity for Cindicator to gain an additional listing on Upbit without incurring fees.

In November 2018, Cindicator entered the Korean market and localised all products, including Hybrid Intelligence predictive analytics and the Collective Intelligence platform (with apps for Android, iOS, and the web).

Cindicator's research of cryptocurrency adoption in South Korea showed that the country could play an outsized role in the world.