Here is how you can contribute to the Cindicator community

Here is how you can contribute to the Cindicator community

Community is the core of Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence. Over 130,000 analysts make forecasts that form the collective intelligence, which is then enhanced by AI. Over 17,000 people hold CND tokens.

Most token holders are either analysts who receive monthly rewards for their forecasts or traders who use their tokens to access Hybrid Intelligence indicators.

In this post we will explain how you can take an active part in Cindicator’s growing global community.

Make forecasts!

It’s important for every member of the Cindicator ecosystem to understand how the platform works even if you just want to hold CND to access analytical products.

The collective forecasts are a crucial part of Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence technology. Every month, analysts on our platform create hundreds of thousands of forecasts that are then fed into the machine learning pipeline to create predictive indicators.

Here is why analysts make these forecasts:

  • Improving analytical skills through regular forecasts (you can only do this with practice);
  • Staying on top of the ever changing markets;
  • Winning monthly prizes of 1.25 BTC and $7,500!
    We have apps for iOS, Android and web – start forecasting now if haven’t done so!

Join our social media and communications channels

We are active on:

In South Korea, we’re also on:

Please join as many platforms as you want and say hi! Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, and share your story and your goals – our community is very open and supportive. Our Telegram chat in particular is a place where many analysts and traders come to talk about their wins and losses, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

Share your experience: create articles or videos

We are always excited when people find ways to use regular forecasting to improve their lives.

Whether it’s to learn new skills, get a job in financial markets or the crypto industry, or to become a better trader and investor, we would love you to share why and how you use Cindicator products!

Once your content is published, tag our Twitter handle or Facebook account and we’ll share/like/comment on your content if it’s appropriate and adds value to our community.

We also publish some guest posts from our community. For example, CalvinXTZ has written a whole series about trading options with Cindicator. If you're interested in publishing your guest post on our blog, please fill out this form.

Cindicator Ambassadors

There is a small group of our community members who are very close to our team and act as Cindicator’s ambassadors. Many of them have been with us for years. Others have joined more recently. They are all volunteers who are passionate about the potential of Hybrid Intelligence technology.

We’re currently revamping this programme to scale it and engage more people. If you’re interested in becoming a Cindicator Ambassador, sign up to our weekly newsletter (just scroll to the bottom of this page) and you’ll be the first to find out once it opens for applications.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to send us a message at and our great support team will forward your message to the relevant team members.

Thank you for being a part of the Cindicator community!