Mega Contest: 100 top crypto analysts will create a decentralised quant strategy and share its profit

Mega Contest: 100 top crypto analysts will create a decentralised quant strategy and share its profit

The first questions and forecasts on the Cindicator platform were conducted in 2015. Since then, over 140,000 users have registered as analysts, making millions of forecasts for over 150 assets. Meanwhile, the Cindicator team has tested a multitude of different question types, dozens of machine learning models, and various forms of indicators.

The next goal is to identify the questions and indicators that could be profitably used in quantitative trading.

The Cindicator team found that several question types work well in quant strategies:

  • Ranking questions, which ask about the relative performance of five assets;
  • Best asset questions, which ask forecasters to name the best or worst performing asset;
  • Outlier questions, which ask about changes to an asset’s market share.  

Yet there is always room for improvement. The new ‘Mega Contest’ will test several major product enhancement ideas with the single goal of boosting the profitability of quant strategies in the crypto market.

The Mega Contest for top analysts

The new special contest launched on 18 November and will run for four weeks. There will be just 2–3 questions per day with a total of 80 questions during the challenge.

Participation is by invitation only. The Cindicator team has manually picked our top users who are best at the specific question types that are being tested.

Even if you were not selected, you’ll still be able to answer the same questions in the open challenge – all the questions will be replicated. Prove yourself and you’ll be invited to take part in the next experimental contest!

New reward system: immediate transfers

To make this challenge more exciting, the rewards will be credited immediately after each question.

Previously, users had to wait until the end of the challenge for weeks or even months before they could get their rewards.

Now, once the question is closed and the results are known, everybody who has made a correct forecast will immediately receive the reward in CND tokens. The withdrawal of tokens to an external wallet can be requested at any time – no more waiting until the end of the month.

Daily information support from Cindicator

To help analysts make the best forecasts possible, Cindicator’s internal team of professional analysts will provide daily analytical support.

Every day, the Cindicator team will share important information regarding market-moving news, the assets that will be in focus, upcoming questions, the results of the previous questions, and more. The goal is to supply all the necessary information to increase the accuracy of participants’ forecasts.

Mike Brusov, Co-founder and CEO of Cindicator, said:

“We already know that Hybrid Intelligence generates value and trading alpha: hundreds of token holders profitably use indicators in their trading. Still, we believe we can dramatically increase the value of indicators for quantitative strategies. We’re putting real money into the strategy that will be fuelled by indicators from this challenge.”

The results of the Mega Contest will be announced before the end of the year, so stay tuned.