New analytical challenge with GOPAX, Korea’s leading crypto exchange

New analytical challenge with GOPAX, Korea’s leading crypto exchange

We’re excited to announce a special challenge with GOPAX, a leading crypto exchange in South Korea. The prizes will include ₩8,000,000 in CND, invitations to job interviews, and much more!

The challenge will be open to all South Koreans on our platform and will run from 18 February until 10 March.

In today’s post we’re going to explain what this is all about and what’s next.

Special challenges

We recently added ‘special challenges’ to the Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform. These challenges are open exclusively to groups of analysts with something in common: the same country, activity level, accuracy, etc.

We’re now launching several activities under this new initiative.

First, special challenges will help to attract new analysts. The experiment with the MOEX in 2017 was a milestone event for Cindicator. It brought thousands of new active users to the platform and validated collective intelligence as a source of valuable data for financial markets. We think this approach could be repeated and would bring even greater benefits now that we are further ahead in our journey towards Hybrid Intelligence.

Second, we want to see if, through additional challenges, we can further engage our top analysts. Special challenges would be a chance for them to compete for additional rewards and would provide us with even more valuable data.

Third, the additional data points will enable the testing of different questions and new analytical products. Our internal financial analysts, product managers and traders are already working on several ideas and we’ll share the results with you later.

The GOPAX challenge

The special challenge for South Korean users will bring a wave of new analysts from one of our key markets and will give all Korean trading enthusiasts a chance to test and monetise their skills. Since we’re actively building up our presence in South Korea, we’ll consider inviting the top analysts to join our team.

As part of this challenge, we’ll ask additional questions about major cryptocurrencies and the Korean economy as a whole. As our research about crypto in South Korea showed, this country already plays an outsized role in the global crypto industry and we believe that this is only going to increase. Data gathered in this challenge will help to further strengthen Hybrid Intelligence by representing the views of South Koreans and will give new insights for our analytical products.


GOPAX, which stands for Global Online Professional Assets Exchange, is one of the largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea:

  • 300,000+ users who share our philosophy;
  • 60+ trading pairs;
  • Strong team hailing from Harvard, Stanford, Google, and McKinsey;
  • Backed by Shinhan Bank, the biggest commercial bank in South Korea.

GOPAX is a subsidiary of Streami, one of the most innovative blockchain companies in the Asia-Pacific Region and a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Streami’s CEO & co-founder Junhaeng Lee is also Chair of Blockchain Committee at KORFIN (Korean Fintech Industry Associations), an association recognised by South Korea’s Financial Services Commission. GOPAX and Streami are the perfect partners for Cindicator’s expansion in South Korea and the rest of Asia, and we’re looking forward to working closely together.

What’s next

If you’re a resident of South Korea, we invite you to pre-register for the challenge – we’ll send you all the instructions.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, we would still urge you to update your mobile apps for iOS or Android. There are no other challenges at the moment, but there will be soon, so stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss them!  

And if you hold CND, please follow our blog and the Cindicator chat on Telegram – we’ll be sharing the results of our experiments with new questions and indicators.

We are excited about this latest milestone – it means a new period of growth for our analyst community, even deeper engagement, data set enrichment, and the overall improvement of our products. Thank you for being with us. We love you!