New opportunities for analysts: new questions, special challenges and 2.5 million CND in rewards!

New opportunities for analysts: new questions, special challenges and 2.5 million CND in rewards!

Users are at the heart of Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem. Over 140,000 people from 135+ countries have registered with our app. Of course, the active community is smaller, but those highly engaged analysts and their forecasts are what make predictive indicators possible.

So today we’re sharing some of the latest developments that will create new opportunities and make your experience as an analyst on the Cindicator platform easier and even more interesting and enjoyable.

New question type: multiple choice

Last week we launched a new type of question where you need to pick one of several options. You’ll see two of these questions every day in the main crypto contest.

Multiple choice questions will replace some of the rank questions, which provide valuable insights but weren’t very popular (it’s easy to lose a lot of points). With multiple choice, you’d need to pick just one or two options (best-performing assets, for example) instead of ranking several assets. The risk/reward ratio will be better and the questions themselves will be more intuitive (you can read more about the point allocation system in our FAQ).

Multiple choice questions will also give us an opportunity to ask more varied questions. For example, we could ask about which consensus algorithm will gain the most traction, when an asset will reach its next all-time high, which technical pattern will appear on a chart, and more. Some users told us that just reading questions helps them to uncover new assets or find interesting opportunities in the market – multiple choice questions will be perfect for that.

Finally, if everything works out fine, we plan to launch new contests focused exclusively on multiple choice questions. There will be additional prize funds and participants will also have a chance to learn something new through answering these questions and automatically receiving feedback.

New experiment: Crowd of Crowds

Some of you will have also heard about the Crowd of Crowds experiment (aka Crypto Collective). It’s a special contest for top analysts who compete in teams of five. Debates and teamwork are actively encouraged and the participants told us that they really enjoyed meeting fellow analysts and traders who are equally passionate about crypto.

We’ve had some encouraging results from the first contest and have just launched the second iteration, which is even bigger and has an additional prize fund of 350,000 CND! Last time the top team got 44,000 CND.

If you want to join the next collective contest, you’ll need to reach and maintain PRO status in the main contest. To gain this status, you will need to reach a certain number of points in a monthly contest for crypto (700 points for October) or traditional markets (1,250 points). The exact number of points varies from month to month to ensure that only the best performers are counted as PRO analysts.

Special contests in crypto and traditional assets

The Crowd of Crowds experiment is far from the only special contest for PRO analysts. In fact, we now have a whole range of regular special contests for top analysts who have gained PRO status in either crypto or traditional financial instruments. Each special contest is usually limited to about 100 participants and has special prizes.

After becoming a PRO analyst, you can be invited into:

  • Ranking PRO – the best analysts compete with each other by answering the most difficult questions, ranking assets by performance and competing for a prize fund of 100,000 CND;
  • Traders Challenge – top analysts brainstorm trading ideas and send suggestions for short or long positions in any assets listed on the Binance exchange. This is as close as it gets to real trading and participants are ranked by the P&L they generate. The best share a prize of 100,000 CND;
  • BTC Challenge – top analysts compete in forecasting the daily moves of Bitcoin, competing for 100,000 CND;
  • EPS Season – the best stock watchers complete in forecasting earnings per share for listed US companies. They habitually outperform Wall Street and their forecasts form the basis of viable options trading strategies for our token holders.

With all the special contests, the total rewards have more than doubled since June to over 2,500,000 CND in September. And the Cindicator team has even more ideas for special contests! This means that the total rewards pool will continue to increase.

Now is the perfect time to double down on forecasting to reach and maintain PRO status. Make some forecasts now!

Make forecasts with Cindicator:

  • Improve analytical skills;
  • Stay up to date with market movements;
  • Win part of the monthly prize of 1.25 BTC and $7,500!

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