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Binance AMA with Head of Products Vlad Kazakov

Yesterday, Cindicator’s Head of Products Vlad Kazakov answered questions during an AMA session in Binance Telegram chat, the community with over 148,000 members. Here is a recap of the full session.

Cindicator’s Stoic hits all-time high: +318%

Last week, Stoic, AI crypto trading app, hit a new all-time high in return: +318% since March 2020 when Stoic’s strategy started trading. Since public launch just under two months ago, Stoic’s users connected the app to accounts holding over $2 million worth of crypto assets.

Will Trump win? Here’s what crypto analysts predict

In the run-up to US presidential election, Cindicator is doing a daily poll of 156,000+ analysts registered on its platform, enhancing their forecasts with AI. According to the latest results, Donal Trump is set to stay in the White House.

Did Collective Intelligence predict the coronacrisis?

Last November, we added a special new question type dealing with the economy. In this post, we will share how indicators based on these questions changed during the coronavirus crisis and foreshadowed the S&P 500’s local low.

Bitcoin is not ‘digital gold’. Here’s why

Over the past few years, the prevailing narrative for Bitcoin has been that it is a form of ‘digital gold’. Just like the yellow metal, BTC is the asset of choice during flights to safety, as its proponents would have it. The recent selloff has challenged this idea, yet it is not the full story.