Q&A session with Kristina, Product Owner of Collective Intelligence Platform

Q&A session with Kristina, Product Owner of Collective Intelligence Platform

Kristina Ochkina, Product Owner of the Collective Intelligence platform, answered questions from the community.

2:28 What have you and your team been working on recently?

4:04 Is the sprint with community members still going on? If so can we have a regular update on it?

05:39 What are the next big features to be implemented for the app?

07:01 Earlier this year we were told that gamification was a promising area for development? Where are we on this?

11:07 Are you planning to work on redefining the prize fund and motivational system?  

14:09 What can be improved to attract more analysts?

14:39 Marketing activities  

15:27 Localisation to Korean language  

18:18 Product changes  

19:45 Will referring a friend be available soon?

20:28 Do you plan to educate analysts? How?

22:53 From your point of view, what is Cindicator’s best accomplishment so far this year?

23:30 Maybe you can also tell about some features that were released this year?  

If you have suggestions or ideas for Kristina, send her a message: kristina [at]  cindicator.com

About Cindicator's Collective Intelligence platform

Cindicator's apps for analysts give anyone an opportunity to forecast the prices of cryptocurrencies, US stocks, S&P500, futures for gold, oil, and more.

Every week, Cindicator's internal team of financial analysts, traders, quant researchers and data scientists picks over 150 most relevant market opportunities in crypto and global markets.

With Cindicator you can:

  • Track your market analysis performance to improve your analytical skills.
  • Compete with others and climb the ranking;
  • Win part of the monthly prize fund of 1.25 BTC and $7,500 without risking anything.

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