Q&A with Cindicator's Head of Support Ivan Kovalev

Q&A with Cindicator's Head of Support Ivan Kovalev

The Q&A with our Head of Support Ivan Kovalev aka @bahok is out! Ivan manages our 24/7 customer service team for the Collective Intelligence platform and Cindicator's analytical products.

He also helps out with developing the global Cindicator community of 130,000+ analysts around the world.

In the video Ivan talks about his team, key metrics, and shares plans for the year. He also discusses Telegram’s ICO and crypto communities, the difference between customer service in crypto and other industries, and the importance of having an in-house support team.

0:32 What are the key metrics of your department?  

1:07 How do you manage to maintain customer service 24/7?

1:40 What improvements have been implemented recently?  

2:28 What are your plans for this year?  

3:20 Do you think Telegram will be a big platform for communities since their ICO raised over 2 billion dollars? Will Cindicator move off of the platform if they demand tokens for use?  

5:20 Do you plan to have support team members that speak Korean/or any other languages rather than EN and RU?

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