Did Collective Intelligence predict the coronacrisis?

Last November, we added a special new question type dealing with the economy. In this post, we will share how indicators based on these questions changed during the coronavirus crisis and foreshadowed the S&P 500’s local low.

Bitcoin is not ‘digital gold’. Here’s why

Over the past few years, the prevailing narrative for Bitcoin has been that it is a form of ‘digital gold’. Just like the yellow metal, BTC is the asset of choice during flights to safety, as its proponents would have it. The recent selloff has challenged this idea, yet it is not the full story.

Bitcoin predictions 2020: experts vs Hybrid Intelligence

We have collected Bitcoin forecasts from top VCs, investors and executives and turned them into questions on the Cindicator platform. In this blog post, we’ll compare predictions from experts with those of our decentralised community of analysts.

Binance Russia AMA with CIO Nodari Kolmakhidze

Last week, Cindicator’s CIO Nodari Kolmakhidze joined an ‘ask me anything’ or AMA session with Binance Russia, one of the exchange’s fastest growing communities. The session was conducted in Russian, so today we’re sharing a writeup, edited slightly for brevity and clarity.

How to read price action in cryptocurrency markets

Most statistical indicators are trying to provide information about something which is already out there: price. For this post, we’ve asked Cindicator’s internal team of traders about price action and how to use it in cryptocurrency markets.