Cindicator Digest: Progress in Q1 2021

In Q1 2021, all Cindicator products experienced high demand. This post aims to update you on everything that’s happening across the Cindicator ecosystem.

How Stoic’s automated crypto trading strategy works

Since live trading started in March 2020 (at first it was available by invitation only), the strategy made +2,193%, beating Bitcoin. Yet many new users wonder: how exactly does Stoic’s strategy work? This post will answer this in details.

New Rewards for SuperForecasters

SuperForecasters the first group of specialists who get rewards for specific contributions, now for weekly Bitcoin price forecasts and other assets and products that might be added in near future.

Calvin Strategy 2.0: Updated Strategy For Macro Sentiment Indicators

This article was written by the Cindicator team based on posts from CalvinXTZ, the author of a strategy for Macro Sentiment indicators, in Calvin Strategy Discussion channel on subscribers-only Discord. The posts have been edited for clarity and CalvinXTZ has added new information as well. If you have questions, please

Binance AMA with Head of Products Vlad Kazakov

Yesterday, Cindicator’s Head of Products Vlad Kazakov answered questions during an AMA session in Binance Telegram chat, the community with over 148,000 members. Here is a recap of the full session.

Cindicator’s Stoic hits all-time high: +318%

Last week, Stoic, AI crypto trading app, hit a new all-time high in return: +318% since March 2020 when Stoic’s strategy started trading. Since public launch just under two months ago, Stoic’s users connected the app to accounts holding over $2 million worth of crypto assets.